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I discern a common thread that unites us: Our devotion to the institution that has had a profound impact upon our growth and development. As an IC graduate of 1964, I know that every one of you shared the same exhilarating and enlightening experience in his days at IC. Fortunately, the tradition of excellence that we have all known at IC continues, and I marvel at the work of so many who are committed to keeping this institution great.
- Moufid Beydoun, Vice President Alumni and Development.



IC Dinner - Paris


More than 25 alumni and friends gathered at a dinner in Paris at Janna Restaurant on May 12th organized by the IC Paris Chapter, Charles Simon Thomas and Rafic Abou Fadel.



IC Dinner - Geneva


The IC Office of Alumni & Development organized a dinner in Geneva on May 9th for alumni and friends at Bottle Brothers.



IC Brunch in Dubai


Alumni and IC friends gathered for a brunch at The Play in Dubai on April 29th. Mr. Akram Miknas ‘63 talked during this family gathering.