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Segments of speech given inTurkey by
IC students:
IC was the vision of one man.This man,
Reverend Alexander MacLachlan, spent
every moment of his life creating and
building up what he saw as a way to
mold young minds into responsible well
rounded human beings who will become
an integral part of society.
Thanks to MacLachlan and his belief in
a well-rounded education that stresses
excellence not only academically but in
extracurricular activities, IC grew and
became a model among schools.
MacLachlan’s heart was broken when IC
left Smyrna. It was very difficult for him
indeed. When asked about it years later
this is what he said:
“You are guided by God. I learned in my life
when everything seems to be closing in on
you and you can’t find a way out, you should
always keep your mind, your eye and your
heart open. Somewhere is a little window
opening with a new idea, a new possibility,
a better opportunity and you must be ready
and waiting for such openings.”
He was right. Only bare buildings were
left behind in Smyrna.The famous
MacLachlan spirit had moved to Beirut.
Today, we call it “the IC Spirit” – and it
embodies everything our founder ever
believed in.
We are proud to be IC students. We are
proud of our old history in Turkey and
our more modern one in Lebanon. In a
country which has known much unrest,
IC has survived it all: strikes, demonstra-
tions, attacks, and of course the 16 year
civil war. If anything, it is now stronger
than it has ever been.
What does it mean to be an IC student?
Well, it’s an honor. A real honor. We are
amazed to see how one man’s vision and
commitment to ideas have expanded
so wide and we are proud to be part of
his achievements. We are part of this
man’s dream and that’s what makes us so
special. We strive to hold on to the morals
and standards that were set for us. We
must hold on to everything that we learn
at IC – not just academically but socially.
Even though the school in Turkey shut
down, that didn’t get MacLachlan down.
He went on. He didn’t give up. And nei-
ther will we, when things go bad for us.
We are part of a legacy that was set up
more than a hundred years ago and until
this day continues to shape us to become
caring people who will make a difference
in the world.
We are carrying the torch that was hand-
ed to us from Turkey. And we will hand
this torch down to our own children.
Mr. MacLachlan would have been proud.
IC gym
Back in
the gym
for IC
Inside MacLachlan
Hall early 1933
inside MacLachlan
Hall 2012
students in front of MacLahlan Hall
early 1900’s
IC students back again
IC Then (Smyrna)
IC Now Air Command HQ (Izmir)
IC Theatre then
students singing IC’s Alma Mater today