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The rides back and forth to Beirut were long and tiring but
Habbal ‘05
determinedly got up early in her hometown of Sidon,
grabbed a taxi to the city then changed several buses until she made
it back home in the late afternoon.The 15-year old IC scholar was
determined to get the best education she could.
Khairat immediately felt pulled to the school when she applied for
the scholarship program. Somehow, she convinced her reluctant
parents to let her make the daily lone journey.
“I wanted and needed the challenge that IC offered,” she recalled.
“Soon after, my perception of everything changed. My talking, my
thinking, my writing, my dealing with people. I became a dynamic
well rounded person.”
It wasn’t just the high level of academics that challenged Khairat.
It was the Arts, Music, Athletics and the mandatory Community
Service Programs that promised to turn Khairat into the person she
always wanted to be.
Moreover, Khairat was astounded with the large array of extracurricu-
lar activities offered at IC. “I got involved in a lot of clubs. It was such
a great opportunity to discover things in myself that I didn’t know
existed,” she said. “Most important, I learned how to manage my time
to juggle schoolwork and activities.They were essential skills.”
At IC she also came across a cultural diversity of students, teachers
and staff. “Our level of discussion was nothing I had ever experi-
enced before,” she said. “Until this day, we remain good friends.”
Khairat graduated from IC in 2005 after winning many school
awards including the Basil Fuleihan Award and was accepted at
AUB’s medical school. She continuously finds herself leaning back
heavily on all the skills she acquired at IC.
“I did very well in all my classes and was active in many clubs,” she
said, “IC made sure that I was ready and could do anything I set my
mind to.”
In 2012, Khairat graduated from Medical School with honors and
is specializing in Family Medicine. She continues to be heavily
involved in all kinds of university activities.
“IC played a huge role in making me the person I am today,” she
said. “Would I have become a doctor without IC? Maybe. It has
always been my dream. But would I be the kind of doctor I am
today? Definitely not. IC shaped and refined me. It made me what
I am today.”
IC made me who I am
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