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There is much excitement ahead.
As I write this note, plans are being
made for a smooth move to the new
elementary school soon. Before long,
the sounds of our children running
around their brand new state-of-the
art building will fill the campus.
This is still just the beginning. A
master plan for our Ain Aar campus
is now complete.This includes the construction of a gymnasium and theater and
the renovation of classrooms. As for Ras Beirut, our work is far from over.The
plan is to build a new middle school and preschool buildings. Sage Hall (middle
school) will be renovated and become an Arts Building to serve both the middle
and secondary schools. The last part of this plan is to renovate Rockefeller Hall
(secondary school).
You have all been so generous in helping us build the new elementary school –
and we are grateful. We will be seeking your help again for our new plans.This
is not for us.This is for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
IC is not an ordinary school. It was established by people who believed that a
strong well-rounded education can produce leaders who will make a difference
in this world. IC has been proving this for a long time. Since its inception in
1891 in Turkey, IC has been producing leaders. Even among our very early
graduates in Turkey is none other than Adnan Menderes who went on to
become Turkey’s Prime Minister in 1950.
It is a heritage that we are immensely proud of. We have been tracing the
origins of IC since the beginning and writing about it in our newsletter. We
have reached part III in the adventures of Alexander MacLachlan. Enjoy.
But the highlight of this newsletter is when IC went back to its original campus
in Smyrna (Izmir) Turkey. It was a surreal experience.
Back to the present. We now boast that IC is ‘moodling’ – effectively putting us
on the same wavelength of many international schools and universities.
As always, we bring you the stories of two alumni who in their own way are
making a difference in society. It is stories like these which make us proud to
belong to IC.
Here’s to a wonderful new year, a peaceful country and a beloved school.
Best wishes,
Moufid Beydoun ‘64
Vice President
Alumni &Development
International College
Board of Trustees
William H. Turner, Chairman
Fouad Malouf ‘56, Vice Chairman
T.M. (Mac) Deford - Treasurer
Donald J. Selinger, Assistant Treasurer
Richard S. Ward, Secretary
Mona Bawarshi ‘67
Wael O. Bayazid ‘70
Jonathan (Jon) A. Conner
Frederik O. Crawford
Walid Daouk ‘77
Bayard Dodge
Farid Fakherddine ‘85 (Ex-Officio)
Ford Fraker
Peter H. Gerard
Amal A. Ghandour
Marwan Ghandour ‘63
Anthony Jones
Yusuf A. Kan’an ‘71
Gerrit Keator
Marwan A. Marshi ‘79
Safwan Masri
John G. McCarthy, Jr.
Azmi Mikati
Anwar Al Mulla ‘63
Mirna B. Noujaim
Aida (Luce) Reed
Ian Reed
Matthew A. Reynolds
Mu’taz Al Sawwaf ‘69
Talal K. Shair ‘83
Issam Shammas ‘63
Mohammed S.H. Al-Soleiman ‘59
Imad Taher ‘58
Ahmed Tayeb
Maya (Nassar) Tohme
Trustees Emeriti
Makram N. Alamuddin ‘61
Dr. RaymondW. Audi
Said Darwazah ‘76
Everett Fisher
Thomas W. Hill
Anne R. Hotchkiss
Saeb N. Jaroudi ‘47
William H. Kent
Munir H. Shamma’A, M.D. ‘43
Stanley M. Smith
Khalid Al-Turki ‘61
John K. Johnson – President
Mishka M. Mourani – Senior Vice President
Peter H. Gerard – Director of Development
Moufid Beydoun – Vice President, Alumni &
Diana Abou Lebdeh – Director, Upper
Elementary/Middle, Ain Aar
Hiba Chaaban – Director, Human Resources
Wadad Hoss - Director, Middle School
Talal Jundi - Chief Financial Officer
Lina Mouchantaf – Director, Pre-School/Lower
Elementary, Ain-Aar
Julia Kozak - Director, Elementary School
Ghada Maalouf – Director, Pre School
Paula Mufarrij – Director, Secondary School
Dr. Mahmoud Shihab – Director, Educational
Resources Center
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Editor/Writer: Reem Haddad
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