Page 20 - Alumni Newsletter Winter 2012-2013

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Donor’s Reception
Yusuf Kan’an
Over 50 people showed up at the Martin
House Garden on October 30th to attend
a reception in honor of Board mem-
Yusuf Kan’an ’71
who just finished
his second term as President of the IC
Alumni Association. He was awarded a
plaque as a token of appreciation for all
his hard work for the past six years.
Fakherddine ‘85
, took over as the newly
elected Alumni Association President.
IC President John Johnson and his wife, Mary, welcoming guests
to the Martin House garden on June 8th 2012.
Board member
ImadTaher ‘58
addressed the guests reminiscing
about old times. He talked about his long journey with IC and
his involvement with all the new projects on both campuses.