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Lebanese Brevet: 100% success [vs. 63%
nationally]. Almost half of our students
obtained their Brevet Certificate with
Lebanese Baccalaureate: 100% success
[vs. Two out of three candidates passed
nationally]. Six of our students ranked
among the top 10 performers for Beirut
in each of the Life Sciences, Econom-
ics and Sociology, and Humanities
options! In addition, 83 out of the 90
candidates passed their Baccalaureate
exams with an average above 12, so 92%
of the Lebanese Bacc diplomas obtained
honors, and 37% - more than a third,
with distinction and high distinction. It
is worth noting that IC averages
International Baccalaureate: 100% suc-
cess.The performance of our students
this year has been outstanding.The
success rate world-wide was 78%. [To
help contextualize our students’ perfor-
mance:The IB diploma passing average
is 24/45, the world average this year was
29.8, our students collectively obtained
an average of 34].
French Baccalauréat: 100% success,
with 86% of our students obtaining
In our mission statement, we say that
we “aim for excellence at all levels”
of the school.The consistently high
performance of our students in every
program we offer is an indicator of our
faculty’s commitment to this goal. A
big thank you to the educators at IC,
faculty and administration, for their
guidance and their care. Mabrouk and
When Dany Jammal took the stand at the
Gala Fundraiser dinner hosted by NGO
JouzourLoubnan, an NGO dedicating to re-
foresting Lebanon, she looked around at the
audience. Everyone looked back.The 12-year-
old IC student had never stood in front
of so many people. Hundreds of eyes were
watching her. She collected her thoughts and
launched into her little speech. Once finished,
she looked up to much applause.
“I was very scared,” she said later. “But I
didn’t let it show. All I thought about it was
that I am helping to save the environment.”
This is Dany’s love. For the past few years,
ever since she has been learning about envi-
ronmental issues in class, Dany has launched
her own little crusade to do her own tidbit.
At home, she deposited various trash cans
and insisted that her family recycle their
garbage. Paper alone. Plastics alone. She
managed to convince her father to plant
trees in front of his Beirut office and woe
betide the student who dares to throw
trash on the school ground.
“But,” she said happily, “everyone is pretty
good about that most of the time.”
It so happened that the IC student was
overhead during an outing with her par-
ents passionately discussing the environ-
ment. A few days later, she was asked by
JouzourLounan to be their guest speaker
at a fundraising luncheon.
Dany was taken aback at first. What
could she possibly have to say to more
than 700 people? It was then she thought
of Lebanese Diva singer Fairuz sing
‘Lebanon Green Lebanon’. It was her
grandmother’s favorite song and the two
would often listen to it together.
“I asked my grandmother once about that
song,” she recalled. “I asked her but where
is the greenery? I don’t see it.The trees are
being cut and nobody was planting more.”
Suddenly, Dany knew exactly what she
wanted to say.
“Lebanon, green Lebanon where is it?”
she said in her speech. “I haven’t seen
it yet. Show it to me. Today we want to
plant. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?
We will see Lebanon green again. Come
on, let us replant Lebanon.”
The speech over, Dany smiled relieved. “But
I’d do it again if it encourages everyone to re-
cycle and care for the environment,” she said.
As for a future career, Dany plans to be a
banker – so she can donate the money to
plant trees.
IC middle school student gives talk at Gala
Brevet/Baccalaureat results